A Creative Alternative to Thanksgiving. Join a group of cool folks for a night, a few days or the whole week of Thanksgiving 2017. Hearty gourmet, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian “gratitude” meal included (BYOB and food for the rest of your visit). Plenty of space - private and communal - and room to roam including the bamboo grove. Spend some quality time in pet therapy mode visiting with six donkeys (four are minis), two rabbits, a crew of lapcats that double as muses, and an adorable three-legged Pyrenees that loves new friends.


Are you a Thanksgiving orphan? Does your family fight too much over the holidays? Are you too far away from family and looking for an alternative gathering? Do you hate to travel long distances for holidays?


You are always welcome at our “wonder wanderful” table. Contact Val to discuss. Up to 15 at the table, accommodations available for at least 10.



LODGING OPTIONS VARY. PLEASE GO TO THE BOOKING PAGE OR EMAIL VAL TO COORDINATE. Private studio space to work on your art or writing project, to meditate, to chillax. AVERAGING $20-40ish per night per bed (flex for financial hardship) depending on room goes towards t-day meal and discounted room fee.


T-day meal included in the one night reservation. Additional days you should bring your own food. BEVERAGES: Coffee, tea, and water supplied.


Please refrain from excessive alcohol consumption.

acility has been developed to embody the value of retreat methodology within a natural environment and encourages the fellowship that comes from connecting with others in small communal opportunities. We are committed to aiding participants and short-term residents in connecting to a deep, enhanced level of creativity & camaraderie. Please contact us to coordinate your stay whether it be a weekend, week-long or longer term stay.


The goal is to provide a safe, carefree place for guests and workshop participants (designers, writers, artists, musicians, storytellers, creatives of any discipline or those just seeking a creative outlet) to Get Lost – to explore their inner dreamscapes and rejuvenate one's inner spirit. You will be immersed in and on a beautiful mid-south Tennessee 5-acre property combing pasture with woods in the hills near the Natchez Trace Parkway that is walking distance to the Buffalo River in Lewis County (named after explorer Meriwether Lewis), approximately 1.5 hours from the rich, culturally diverse city of Nashville and 1 hour from Florence, AL from the south and 1 hour from Columbia, TN.

Born out of the desire by the founder for a quiet inspirational place to commune with nature and be reinvigorated as a creative person on a sabbatical journey, this 17-acre slice of beauty and serenity is the actualization to create a community for camaraderie and artistic endeavors of various forms.










Or a chance to put away the phone, get away from hectic city life, maybe flex some different creative muscles? Join in a creative reboot weekend in a formal or informal way. Val will offer her coaching complimentary this weekend and share some ideas on how to transform some of your work into fun book formats. She'll incorporate the philosophy of the art of accidental adventure and share techniques that may give you a new perspective of your work.

Bring materials in order to complete the work such as magazines to work on collage or your sketch book to draw and/or write. Try your hand at cyanotypes or bookbinding.

If you already have imagery that you would like to experiment with bring color prints 11 x 17 or 13 x 19 for one exercise. If you feel spontaneous, there will be some exercises and a process to help you create your own mini visual narrative in various formats depending on your time.

Not limited to visual artists, all creatives welcome. Based on some studies that Val has discovered it's really good for people to continually learn new skills especially as a creative person. So for example, a chef should try photography or drawing. These are techniques to help an aging brain and keep your creative muscles flexible.


 We invite creatives who are looking to disconnect in order to reconnect with themselves, who are looking for the permission to have space and time to develop a body of work, to reflect, to escape and dream, or even to get a bit dirty in the process by participating in general activities at our place (start a new trail through the woods, solidify the campfire circle, care for the land or garden). Book your time based on our calendar of availability or join in one of our established workshops. Longer term residencies are available through an application process.

 We are looking to collaborate with individuals or groups to bring your own energy and creative vibes to the space for your customized event or session. Whether it's holistic living like a yoga retreat or yoga training session, an artistic group or book club, k-12 educators seeking a customized training session on creativity, a reunion or social group that enjoys hiking and outdoor activities but also wants to try out a small creativity workshop, a management team or non-profit organization, a theater or storytelling group needing a rehearsal venue, the facility may be rented for your purposes.

Our Address

599 Gaither Hinson Rd

Waynesboro, TN 38485


CALL: 931-321-3520

TEXT: 931-213-1901 

E-MAIL: mail@campwonderwander.org


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