This creativity retreat center encourages each visitor to engage in the sense of wonder and practice the act of wandering (let your mind wander... get lost in thought, in a good book, in conversation, in the project flow). Nestled in the high forest of mid-south Tennessee near lovely Hohenwald and the historic Natchez Trace Parkway, the camp's main house/lodge is ideally suited to, and welcomes all creatives to congregate for camaraderie and a focused escape from the rigors of daily life that may distract us from our passion for craft in all its forms.

Arrange a retreat for a minimum of 3 and maximum of 14. The main lodge fits 14, but if you are looking for a bit more space ask about booking both lodging options. The main lodge has a large open room with several tables and a 3-season porch with great natural light to spread out even further. On the back or front porch, the camp cats will want a chance to say hello or borrow your lap and out in the pasture, the donkeys may see you and ask for a hello pet. Inside when you are ready to say goodnight you can leave your work in it's place and find comfort in the sleeping quarters ranging from a king with a twin ensuite, a full size bed in private room, a loft with 7 twin beds, and a day bed with trundle in a happy corner of the pine living room featuring a woodstove. The second bath is on the hall and has a walk in shower.

If the season is right, a fire will crackle as you work and visit with your friends in both the front and back of the house. We'll share fresh eggs and prepare fresh baked bread for each morning of your stay upon request, but all other food is on your own unless you would like assistance (just ask). We may be able to offer items from the garden during harvest, and can provide add-on service to take over one or more meal options. Hohenwald and Waynesboro are both about 20 minute drive and have several restaurants if you want to take a complete break.

The proprietor, Coach Val, left life as a tenured graphic design professor in 2018 to forge an unpaved path in this natural setting. A goal is to provide opportunity to slow down, be creative, and share camaraderie with friends old and new. Future goals include expanding the garden to include plants for natural dyes, for example as there is always something brewing in evolving the retreat center experience.

Take a look at all of the add-on options here.


Have you ever wanted to design your own fabric to include in your quilting or crafts?

Book this add-on workshop and Coach Val, a former graphic design professor, will guide you and your group thru a series of basic design exercises and share how to use resources to customize your own fabric. Basic Adobe Illustrator information. 2 hrs session and one on one coaching per person


If you would rather not spend time cooking, we can help customize a menu for your retreat and help with one ore more meals.
Or how about a cooking class?


Ask Val to help coordinate. If you are interested in special meals, she has been wheat, corn, and almost dairy-free since 1996. Lately that encompasses gluten-free so she is happy to share cooking and health tips.




Price based on number of participants minimum of 3 and maximum of 14 and number of days or day of the week versus weekend rates. Lodging fees will include cleaning for quality sanitizing at a fair wage and hospitality taxes. Minimum of two nights approximately $140 for 3 / per night, plus $30 per person per night. Weekend and seasonal may be different than this standard rate. Booking both houses will be additional fee per night starting at approximately $75 plus tax.

Add-on workshops have a range of pricing options for as little as $15 per person and up.

When you make your reservation request, you will not process payment until the booking is confirmed. You'll be able to pay via venmo, zelle or paypal (2.5% add'l processing fee).

A Natural Girl


Born out of the desire by the VAL, the proprietor and founder, for a quiet inspirational place to commune with nature and be reinvigorated as a creative person on her sabbatical journey back in 2015, this 17-acre slice of beauty and serenity is the actualization to create a community for camaraderie and artistic endeavors of various forms. Val really believes that rewarding experiences occur when we get LOST – lost in thought, lost in a good book, lost in translation, lost in conversation, lost in place. Here you will be allowed and encouraged to do so at your own pace or in a more structured session.


Camp Wonder Wander is open year round and offers the space for customized creative retreats or booking general workshops in creativity and graphic design. When the facility is not reserved for these formal events, you can request to customize or create your own adventure in the rural rolling hills of mid-south TN near Hohenwald.


Individuals or groups working on creative projects of any kind will find that the facility has been developed to embody the value of retreat methodology within a natural environment and encourages the fellowship that comes from connecting with others in small communal opportunities. We are committed to aiding participants and short-term residents in connecting to a deep, enhanced level of creativity & camaraderie. Please contact us to coordinate your stay whether it be a weekend, week-long or longer term experience.


The goal is to provide a safe, carefree place for guests and workshop participants (crafters, quilters, scrapbookers or thrifters, designers, writers, artists, musicians, storytellers, creatives of any discipline or those just seeking a creative outlet) to Get Lost – to explore their inner dreamscapes and rejuvenate one's inner spirit.


You will be immersed in and on a beautiful mid-south Tennessee 17-acre property combining pasture with woods in the hills near the Natchez Trace Parkway in Lewis County (named after explorer Meriwether Lewis). Split into two parts the campground is an easy walk to explore and about 1/4 mile to the get to our 500 ft of the Buffalo River. Approximately 1.75 hours drive from the rich, culturally diverse city of Nashville, 1 hour north of Florence, AL, 1 hour west of Columbia, TN, about 2 hrs nw of Huntsville, AL and 3 hrs east of Memphis.

LOCATED IN A BEAUTIFUL PART OF TENNESSEE WITH LITTLE LIGHT POLLUTION. The Western Highland Rim of the mid-south is convenient from Nashville, Memphis, Florence, and Huntsville. You may want to see our campground information and possibly schedule your time so that you can see starry nights (weather permitting).


more about Val & the animals

The Donkeys

During your visit you are invited to say hello to the camp Donkeys. Follow them on IG: @duckiethedonkey
The herd includes Smokey is a brown miniature Jack standing at 32" tall. We've had several foals in 2019 and 2020 so it's a really fun time to visit. These precious animals love people. Pepper - the largest standard - is in training to be a helper and guest walker.

Val Sloan

Val was a graphic design professor for 20+ years and has now in 2018 turned coach and curator of creative experiences. She was a girl scout growing up and also a leader for 5 years. She loves handcraft and is interested in creating all sorts of opportunities at the camp from collage, traditional candle making, to a new found passion for ceramics.

Camp Cats

The camp cats have a few jobs to manage including catching bugs and field mice (bopping them on the heads:) and looking cute for your pictures or drawings. They are itching to be your muse and maybe asking you to sit to borrow your lap. At the front house is buttercup and cutey petewty. There are other cats on duty at the back of the property.



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