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Venture into the Tennessee countryside

for one-of-a-kind experience

for bachelorettes, bridal parties, anniversaries

or general gal pal gathering



Professional photographer for up to 3 hours in the country landscape and with the camp donkeys

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Arrive for lunch prior to the photoshoot. Wind down with a cooking class - Breakfast for dinner and an egg-celent dessert.


Choose a pre-fired design to paint as a celebration of your big day. Will be fired and shipped to you.


When you believe that experiences are priceless and want a unique opportunity to celebrate your big day pre-party, this Hen Party excursion is a one-of-a-kind event.

The itinerary includes: lunch upon arrival, photoshoot with the donkeys and in the landscape options include pasture, forest, river bed, bamboo grove. After the shoot, relax a bit and pick out the pottery to paint or prearrange the style from several selections. All pottery will be fired and shipped within 2-4 weeks. Enjoy a cooking class that celebrates the Happy Hens at the camp with Breakfast for dinner and an egg-celent dessert item.

Transportation from Nashville can be arranged and may include a pitstop on the historic and scenic Natchez Trace Parkway. Parking available for those with transport.

Stay overnight in the main lodge of the retreat center. For more information on creating a women's retreat, visit this page.



HI I'm Val, and I'll be your host, guide, and instructor for the workshops. I envisioned this retreat center in 2015 and in 2019 it's finally in full bloom. I set up a mock photoshoot to show you a little bit of scenery and candid options with my friend Danielle and featuring one of the baby donkeys that was only a week old at the time.

Although I am a photographer, I have partnered with a local portrait photographer for your experience. She does a wonderful job catching the light and the moments. She will provide you with high res images after the event.

There is a total of 17 acres on the edge of the Buffalo River (about 500 ft of river front). While we can't take the donkeys with us on the entire space, they can be a highlight of your individual and group photos.

I have been to Japan several times in the last 9 years and each time I've brought back a few of the fun casual kimono called a Yukata. I have a few of them you may use as Danielle had the brilliant idea to have fun with them on our way to this shoot.

Dress up, dress casual, wear costumes, wear all the same, whatever you desire. I'll have more props and styling for the donkeys coming soon.

Excited to be part of your bonding and celebrations. Contact me today to arrange your trip!


approximately 1.75 hrs sw of NASHVILLE

Take the Scenic Route Down Natchez Trace.

1 hr north of FLORENCE, AL and west of COLUMBIA, TN
approximately 3 hrs east of MEMPHIS

& 2 hrs NW of HUNTSVILLE


more about Val & the animals

The Donkeys

During your visit you are invited to say hello to the camp Donkeys. Follow them on IG: @duckiethedonkeyThe herd includes Smokey is a brown miniature Jack standing at 32" tall. We've had several foals in 2019 and 2020 so it's a really fun time to visit. These precious animals love people. Pepper - the largest standard - is in training to be a helper and guest walker.

Val Sloan

Val was a graphic design professor for 20+ years and in 2018 turned coach and curator of creative experiences. She was a girl scout growing up and also a leader for 5 years. She loves handcraft and is interested in creating all sorts of opportunities at the camp from collage, traditional candle making, to a new found passion for ceramics.

Camp Cats

The camp cats have a few jobs to manage including catching bugs and field mice (bopping them on the heads:) and looking cute for your pictures or drawings. They are itching to be your muse and maybe asking you to sit to borrow your lap. At the front house is buttercup and cutey petewty. There are other cats on duty at the back of the property.